Ultimate Guide to the Best Snowshoeing Trails in Oulanka National Park

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Are you ready to explore the winter wonderland of Oulanka National Park on snowshoes? This ultimate snowshoeing guide will help you navigate the pristine snowy trails and experience the beauty of this stunning Finnish wilderness.

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Pieni Karhunkierros Trail Snowshoeing

This 12-kilometer (7.5-mile) loop trail is one of the most popular hiking routes in the park during the summer months, but it transforms into a stunning snowshoeing trail in winter. The trail winds through snow-covered forests, along frozen rivers, and past picturesque viewpoints, offering plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in the park’s winter scenery.

Pieni Karhunkierros Trail Snowshoeing

Oulanka Canyon Trail Snowshoeing:

This scenic trail follows the Oulanka River through the park’s spectacular canyon landscape. Snowshoers can enjoy views of frozen waterfalls, towering cliffs, and rugged terrain as they trek through the snow-covered wilderness. The trail is approximately 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) one way, so be prepared for a longer outing.

Oulanka Canyon Trail: snowshoeing

Karhunkierros Trail (Southern Section) Snowshoeing:

While the full Karhunkierros Trail spans over 80 kilometers (50 miles), the southern section offers shorter snowshoeing options for those looking for a day trip. Start from the southern trailhead near Hautajärvi and trek through forests, across frozen lakes, and past scenic viewpoints. Be sure to check trail conditions and plan accordingly for a safe outing.

Karhunkierros Trail (Southern Section): snowshoeing

Kiutaköngäs Trail:

This shorter loop trail is perfect for a quick snowshoeing adventure. The trail follows the Kiutaköngäs Rapids, offering views of the rushing water in winter. Snowshoers can enjoy the tranquility of the forest and the beauty of the frozen river as they explore this picturesque area.

Kiutaköngäs Trail: snowshoeing

Juuma Lakes Trail:

This trail meanders around several small lakes near the village of Juuma, providing snowshoers with a peaceful and scenic winter experience. The trail offers opportunities for wildlife viewing and birdwatching, as well as stunning views of the surrounding snow-covered landscape.

Juuma Lakes Trail:  snowshoeing

Best Time to Snowshoe:

  1. Winter Season: The best time for snowshoeing in Oulanka National Park is typically from December to March when the park is blanketed in snow. During this time, the trails are well-covered, and frozen lakes and rivers offer additional opportunities for exploration.
  2. Check Snow Conditions: Before planning your snowshoeing trip, check the snow conditions and weather forecast for the park. Fresh snowfall can enhance the beauty of the landscape but may also make trails more challenging to navigate.

Ways to Save Money:

  1. Bring Your Own Gear: If you have your own snowshoes and winter gear, you can save money on rental fees. Invest in a good pair of snowshoes that are suitable for the terrain and conditions you’ll encounter in Oulanka.
  2. Car Pooling: If you’re traveling with friends or family, consider carpooling to reduce transportation costs to the park. Sharing fuel expenses can help lower the overall cost of your trip.
  3. Pack Your Own Food: Bring your own snacks and packed lunches to enjoy during your snowshoeing adventure. This can save you money on dining out or purchasing food at park facilities.

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